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1.   Terms of Use

This Blog (Vagabond Girl) is a personal blog written and edited by Carol Daniels. The content represents my opinion. It is provided for your information and entertainment.

I am an adult and I expect my readers to be too. Parents if there are things you don’t want your children to read on this blog, please block their access.

Use any information you find on line, including posts on this Blog, with caution, at your own risk.

 2.   Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise indicated I have created the content on this Blog and I reserve all intellectual property rights in the content.

Please don’t’ steal it (reprint or publish it without my consent) and if you comment (positively or negatively) on something I wrote on your blog, website, on Twitter or Facebook, or other manifestation of modern communication, please credit me and provide a link back (vagabondgal.com)

You retain copyright of any comment or other content you post on this Blog. By posting however you have given me the license to use that content on this site, to promote this site or in a modified form.

This license to use your content (comments and guest posts) includes the removal of your content at my discretion. I will if appropriate honour requests to remove your comments should the need arise.

If you are uncomfortable with this, please don’t submit comments.

 3.   Liability (Hold Harmless)

I provide this content for information and entertainment purposes only. It represents my opinion only. I am not providing advice (professional, legal, medical, lifestyle or otherwise).

As much as is practical, I ensure that the information I publish is correct at the time of posting. If you find incorrect information on this Blog, please let me know via a polite comment.

I provide links to other (third party) sites and blogs because I find the information interesting, informative or entertaining. Linking to another site does not mean that I endorse the products, services or opinions of that site’s publisher. I don’t guarantee that the information on those sites is current or correct. I don’t guarantee that this third party content complies with relevant local or international laws.

It’s your responsibility to judge the third party’s information and policies. Linking to a site or advertising on this site doesn’t mean that I endorse the information, opinions or products on the third party site.

Use any information you find on line, including posts on this Blog, with caution, at your own risk.

4.   Privacy Statement

I won’t sell your personal (contact) information to another party. I won’t spam you with information not related to this Blog.

Spammers sometimes skim Blog comments for email addresses. I can’t guarantee that other commenters will not do this.

I am not responsible for the actions of any third party entity.

5.   Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the focus or publishing schedule of this Blog at any time.

You retain the right not to read it.

6.   Advertisers and Sponsors

I am not responsible for the content (information or product) or action of any advertiser on or sponsor of this Blog.

If you have an issue with advertiser or sponsor it is between you and them. Not between you and me.

I will disclose any relationship with advertisers or sponsors, including if I have received any benefit from the advertiser or sponsor in return for editorial comment.

7.   Commenting (also guest posts)

I moderate comments to this Blog.

I won’t publish spam or comments I find offensive. I determine what I find offensive. Feel free to disagree with me, but keep it polite.

Comments once approved, are visible to the public, so choose your words carefully.

If you write to me privately, I will not publish the content of our correspondence without your consent.

The content of guest posts represents the opinions, views and values of the guest poster.


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