A stash of books

One of my stashes

I should love them. I'm a lifelong believer in never going anywhere without something to read. About the only time I don't carry a book with me is when I'm taking out the rubbish. E-books,  e-readers and I should be soul mates. They make it easy to take a whole library wherever I go. Who wouldn't want that? With your own personal library at hand, you put an end to wondering if that book you've just started is going to be the right accompaniment to the tram ride or lunch on the go. No more worrying that the cover of the book you’re currently obsessed with tells others too much about you when you're reading in public. And you never have to struggle lugging more than one 1000 page tome with you, just in case. But I've tried and tried, but I just can’t love them. And here's why. First, I spend most of my days working at a computer. I

know, so do most people these days. What difference does that make? I also suffer from dry eyes, and by the end of every day, my eyes feel like they are too big for their sockets and my eyelids could substitute for a rasp. Second, I'm very near-sighted. I can see things close up without my spectacles. By the end of the day, that's how I'm most comfortable reading up close. My eyes are tired (did I mention they are dry and sore?). My eyes don't cooperate with the specs any more. For close work, what that really means is that my eyes are tired from constantly readjusting from close to far work. In the evening or in less than perfect light especially when reading or using my mobile or tablet, I need to take my glasses off. Switching between TV and book or newspaper (yes, I sometimes buy a paper copy that doesn't make me a Luddite or…