About Vagabond Gal

Just over 30 years ago I had the good fortune to move to Melbourne. I moved from one side of the world to the other on the strength of a dream. That’s right a dream.

A dream I had had in some form or another for as long as I could remember. The dream was that one day I would live in Australia. I had visited Australia once. But never been to Melbourne. I didn’t known a soul. I had a job. So technically I had met my soon to be employers by phone and one face-to-face interview.  But anyone who has ever been interviewed or done the interviewing know that doesn’t mean you know the other person.

I moved to Melbourne, not for love. Or for money. But I found love and I guess a little money too. The love I found is the love of this magnificent city, Marvellous Melbourne.  And now I want to share that with the world, especially anyone travelling to Australia or even thinking about a visit downunder.

Once I got here real life surpassed my dreams, I recall once looking out of my home office window and realising that I was living the life I had imagined as a little girl.

Melbourne won’t be all I write about. I will write about travelling generally including places I’ve been and places I plan to visit. I’ll also share tips, good reads for long plane trips (everywhere is a long plane trip from Australia).

I’ll also share other travel writing I find and think is great.

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