I love to travel and I love coming home to my own bed and my own pillow. I love plunking my suitcase in the entry way and rushing to collect my beloved cat from sleep away camp where she has been having her own holiday.

Late last year I had six weeks away for a mix of family get events, catching up with friends, lounging around pools and on the beach and re-visiting old haunts.

It was fabulous and it took a good several months to wipe that satisfied, serene I’m back from holiday look off my face. I don’t hate my real life job. But it has its pain points.

I discovered while travelling that I like to keep up with things, but don’t so much like writing on my tablet (less so on my phone). So when I returned home I was not happy to discover that the intermittent (a generous description of the on again, mostly off again connection) problems I has thought fixed had returned. All my hot from travelling stories had to wait and wait and wait.

I’ve been back home for several months, and today, I think / hope my problem has been fixed. (As I write that I’m throwing a broken mirror over my shoulder, walking under a black cat, rubbing a ladder, I hope I got all those luck bearing superstitions right.)

I’m back in the land of the connected and can now get some of my travel musings out of my head and into my fingers where they will be automatically converted to text.

Some of the travel related topics I’ve been nutting out in my head

  • Why I wish I could get into electronic books (and why I still like old style book books)
  • Spending more time in a car in six weeks than I have in the past 15 years.
  • Mexico, I love it.
  • San Francisco and the Bay Area generally you’ve changed.
  • Family time makes long distance travel worth it.
  • What makes a good book to take on a trip.
  • How to find authentic food wherever you go.
  • Getting a cat fix on the road.
  • Authentic spa experiences
  • and more.



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