Travelling by shank’s pony

Take off your shoes and walk down the beach

When you can, take off your shoes and take a walk on the beach

Until I moved to Australia I had never heard of shank’s pony. It’s slang for walking. Walking I had heard about. I was a confirmed walker and runner and was I hoped well on my way to creating a car free life.

Now I don’t run, except sometimes (for short distances) to catch public transportation. But I still love walking. I find you see so much more of your surroundings when you’re on foot.

I’m sure that one of the reasons I’m still a dedicated walker is that Melbourne is a very walkable city, especially in the inner suburbs where I live. That’s not true everywhere, not even throughout Melbourne.

It turns out walkable cities are healthier cities and have stronger communities and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

If you’re looking for tips for making your community more walkable or creating an advocacy movement in your community you can start your research here at America Walks

Do you know about similar efforts in Australia? Please share them and I will write about them in future posts.

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