I’ve tried, but I just can’t love e-books and e-readers, here’s why

I should love them. I’m a lifelong believer in never going anywhere without something to read. About the only time I don’t carry a book with me is when I’m taking out the rubbish. E-books,  e-readers and I should be soul mates. They make it easy to take a whole library wherever I go. Who […]

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Are you really home without an internet connection?

The last time I wrote I thought my internet connection woes were behind me. To be sure I did all the good luck hacks I knew of: I threw a broken mirror over my shoulder I walked under a black cat I rubbed a ladder. But lady luck was against me and it’s only now, […]

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Home sweet home

I love to travel and I love coming home to my own bed and my own pillow. I love plunking my suitcase in the entry way and rushing to the pick my beloved cat from sleep away camp where she has been having her own holiday. Late last year I had six weeks away for […]

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Where I’ve been (and what I’ve been doing and not doing)

Well I am ashamed to say that for someone who wants to blog about travelling, I’ve done some travelling and not much blogging. I had great intentions, including taking my tablet with me to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, the greater Bay area and the Napa valley. But I had so […]

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Lost in transit

I’m in the early planning stages for my next trip and thinking about what I need to take and leave behind. This will be my first travelling trip in a long-ish time. By travelling trip, I mean one in which I won’t arrive at my destination and pretty much bask (lounge, sloth, hangout) at a […]

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The ultimate, low cost, luxury holiday

I’ve just gone back to work after a luxury three week holiday. It was the most luxurious holiday of my life. And it was the cheapest one too. You see I took a ‘do nothing’ holiday. You can read more about it on my other blog (For the Journey) It was luxurious because not everyone […]

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Eat, drink, love, tacos in Carlisle Street Balaclava

Last year I wrote about a Mexican goodies store in Carlisle Street Balaclava, with restaurant to follow. Well the restaurant has arrived and it’s great. The sign out the font now says Eat, Drink, Love Taco, but they are still on Facebook as Si Señor The food is authentic and the atmosphere is perfect whether […]

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Get to know Melbourne from the ground up

This post in my Top Five theme at Vagabond Gal reflects my love of getting around by foot anywhere I visit (or live) I live in Melbourne (and LOVE it) but I sometimes travel like a tourist in my own city. I enjoy walking around the city and I occasionally indulge myself with a special […]

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Five things to do in Las Vegas without a casino

This is the first in an ongoing series “My Top Five” If you are travelling to Las Vegas for a convention, and the chances that you will go to Las Vegas for a convention are pretty high, much of your time will be filled with trade shows, workshops, networking events, etc. But not all of […]

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Melbourne’s baristi, I salute you

Melburnians have many love affairs. Footy, horse racing, culture (high and low), comedy, ragging on Sydneysiders, trams… and coffee.  My list is not comprehensive. Today I want to salute all the baristi who are slogging away in the heat, making our long blacks, short maccs, lattes, half and halfs, skinny caps, soy caps, choc top […]

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